Special Announcements



-New weight limits for drop offs will be implemented. We now have a limit of 500 pounds total per visit. Regardless of what material it is, there is a 500 pound total limit. If you need help getting rid of more than that, call us and we can help!

-We have adjusted Saturday hours. We will open 8:00 am - 10:00 am. Close from 10:00-10:30am for lunch. Reopen from 10:30am-1:00 pm. 

COVID precautions are still in place and are the following:

Please make a reservation to make your drop off as quick and seamless as possible.

Stay in your car the entire visit and our staff will unload your car.

We are only accepting credit and debit cards for payments. Staff will come to your window to collect any payments.


 click here for more information on pricing, locations, and hours. Read more information on our FAQ page here.

What you CAN DISPOSE of at our facilities

Paints (oil-based, craft and hobby paints), stains, varnishes, and more

Pesticides, herbicide, other garden chemicals

Gasoline, other fuel, motor oil and filters, antifreeze, brake and transmission fluid

Alkaline (ex: AA/AAA batteries) and car batteries

View the full list of what we can accept

What you CAN'T DISPOSE of at our facilities

Explosives and ammunition

Radioactive waste

Appliances, electronics, TVs/monitors

Medical waste

View the full list of what we can't accept

Estimate Your Drop-off cost

Using this calculator you can estimate what fees may apply.  The first 50 pounds of hazardous waste are subsidized, and there is a cost after that. Latex paint disposal is 50 cents per pound.

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