Click the item below to learn about disposal options for items we do not accept. You can also check out the Recycle Coach here. Type in an item and it will tell you how to get rid of it! 

Appliances, tanks, and cylinders
Explosives and Ammunition
Smoke detectors
Prescription Drugs and Medicine
Other Bulky Items


  • Major appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, trash compactors, hot water heaters and other white goods) have been banned from landfill disposal since 1991. Options for appliances:
  1. When you purchase a new appliance, ask the representative or distributor if they will take the old appliance you are replacing. 
  2. If the appliance is in working condition you may try posting on a material exchange site. Visit Recycle Wizard here to find charities or businesses near you that will accept your appliance for reuse or recycling. 
  3. Scrap metal dealers usually recycle appliances. Contact your local dealer for details.
  4. Your hauler may collect appliances but it may require special arrangements and fees. Call your hauler for details.
  • Helium tank options:

       To get rid of the tank you need to empty it, puncture it, and then get rid of it. Once it's emptied, punctured, and the nozzle removed, you can try and see if a metal recycler will take it or throw the tanks away in the trash. Instructions on emptying the tanks can be found here.

  • Our program cannot accept any cylinders outside of propane and oxygen tanks. Contact the manufacturer, the store where you got the cylinder, or a hazardous waste company on your disposal options. 

*St. Louis City residents can contact the Department of Refuse for information on appliance recycling.


If your electronic equipment is still in working condition, call around to see if a local school or charity will take it as a donation. If reuse is not an option, we suggest recycling electronics at a certified electronic recycling drop off location. 

  1. See if the manufacturer will take back old electronics when you buy new equipment.  
  2. Inquire at local electronic stores. Some now accept used electronics for recycling. 
  3. Take electronics to a local, licensed drop-off center. 

Please visit or use our Recycle Wizard tool here for a drop-off location nearest you.


Explosives and Ammunition

Call your local police department.

Smoke Detectors

There are limited options for smoke detector disposal, due to radioactive content in some of the units. Federal law requires that manufacturers of smoke detectors take back smoke detectors for safe disposal:

  1. Call the manufacturer for proper disposal.  If you no longer have the instruction book for your detector, please call the company's customer service line and they should be able to direct you on where and how to send it. Most companies will accept them at no charge if you have less than five.  You can also check out this handy chart from the Post Office on where to ship smoke detectors back to here.
  2. If returning the unit to the manufacturer is not possible, Missouri Solid Waste regulation does allow up to 10 smoke detectors to be discarded in the trash.

Prescription drugs and medicines

Check out for details on the St. Louis area prescription drug take back program. There is also an interactive map to find drop off locations here.


Sharps may be disposed of with your regular trash if you follow proper protocols. To protect sanitation workers, place sharps in rigid, leak-proof and puncture resistant containers (detergent bottle, for example). Tightly seal the container and place in your regular trash.  

Check with your drug store/pharmacy for mail-in disposal options.


Most companies that sell tires also accept them for disposal. Please note there may be a fee for disposal. 

*St. Louis City residents may dispose of Automotive Batteries, Motor Oil, and Tires at their transfer stations at no charge. Click for details.

Other bulky items

Bulky items are large items like couches, chairs, household items, fixtures, wood etc. that will not fit in a residential waste container.  Contact your trash hauler or municipality for disposal options.

*St. Louis City residents can contact the Department of Refuse for information on bulk item disposal.