As life continues to get more expensive, so does waste disposal! We have to increase our prices (after the first 50 pounds of HHW being free) to 1.70 cents per pound. We will continue to provide amazing service while disposing of your waste properly. Thank you for your understanding. You can contact us here if you have any questions about pricing. 

While we do have a price increase, we did get rid of the one drop off per year rule for Saint Louis City and Jefferson County residents! Everyone can now enjoy the first 50 pounds free for hazardous waste throughout the year with each visit! 


A little preparation now will save you a big headache later.

Fall is a time of year where a lot of HHW gets produced. Some of the most common HHW we see in the Spring are completely avoidable. 

Below are some tips on how you can reduce the amount of HHW you produce: 

Lawn and Gardening

  • Toward the end of the mowing season, buy smaller quantities of gas, use it up, or give it to a neighbor.
  • When ready to store the mower for the winter, add a fuel stabilizer to leftover fuel or completely drain into a clean safety can.
  • Store the fuel away from freezing temperatures and sources of heat and flame.
  • When mowing season returns, use old fuel in a ratio of 1:5 old to new.
  • Properly-stored lawn and garden products can be effectively used for many seasons. Read labels for storage requirements.  

Pool Chemicals

At the end of the pool season, always follow the label directions for storage. If stored properly, pool chemicals will last through the winter. In general:

  • Store pool chemicals in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from other household chemicals and ideally in a locked storage room.
  • Ensure lids are securely attached.
  • Store liquids below powders when on shelves.
  • Keep chemicals away from heat, flame, and sunlight.
  • Inventory chemicals when opening the pool next season and use older chemicals first.
  • Do not mix old chemicals with new ones, even if they are the same type.

Remember, we do not want to see you in the Spring! Buy what you need, share leftovers, and winterize equipment now instead of later!



 Leaving waste unattended while we are closed is considered illegal dumping. These facilities are under 24 hour surveillance and you will be fined for the illegal dumping that is putting surrounding residents and workers in harms way.

We do not have appropriate staff available while closed, so please hold on to your waste or find alternative options.